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At WADAM, we see the future in every decision we make. Our approach is hands-on, our methodology strategic, and our vision panoramic.


Engineered results that power your business. Our past endeavors and insights from dedicated research have given us the capability to work smartly in many situations to cause profitable growth. 

Ethical and Smart. Using these principles, we achieve high leadership and performance.


Engineering is more than math. Graphic design is more than drawing. We apply the logic set needed to solve both applications.


Once you have a system for executing a project, we believe managing the people and resources requires acute experience.


Some projects require specific resources. When these resources are to be sourced externally, micro-supply chains need to be established. Reliability and consistency are essential.

Operating a successful business isn’t easy, but controlling measurables helps tremendously. At the WADAM group, we engineer your product or system such that you can explain the project’s front, middle, and end before it starts. This plans for the pain points, prepares adaptive spending ahead of time, and avoids unbudgeted costs midstream.

Projects Completed


Furthermore, we understand what it takes to grow a company focusing on ethics. Our clients and businesses love to lift communities and employees by providing high-quality products and services.



Brett Garman embarked on an entrepreneurial journey, founding a research and development firm followed by a field tech resource company.

His first venture, while not progressing as planned, became a pivotal stepping stone. It taught him invaluable lessons in adaptability and strategic thinking, skills that proved crucial in the successful and profitable wind-downs of his subsequent ventures, demonstrating his refined business acumen.

In 2022, Brett pivoted his focus to investment and consultancy, lending his expertise to a diverse range of businesses. This shift was informed by his early experiences, which instilled a keen sense of market dynamics and a knack for identifying potential. He now cultivates a robust network of talented professionals, utilizing the resilience and insights gained from his comprehensive entrepreneurial journey.



2023 marked the inception of WADAM Group LLC, a strategic initiative to consolidate Brett’s network.

The mission: to collectively foster business growth and mutual investment, enriching each other and WADAM’s endeavors while extending their success to other companies.



Brett Garman



16 years of Government service via the Air Force and as a civilian employee with the Federal Aviation Administration. During his Government tenure, he earned 41 positional certifications as a professional Air Traffic Controller and an AA in Airway Science, and BAS in Business Management.

Brett is balanced in his processes and cautious with risk by searching for and analyzing available data before deploying resources. Where data is limited, he systematically uses sound logic.

He has over two years of experience operating a 7 figure company as the CEO. His leading edge is that he can build a team that efficiently adapts to rapidly changing situations.

A common saying in his office is that ideas are a dime a dozen, but execution is rare. Brett is good at both.


Steve Garman, M.D.

Penn State Milton S Hershey Medical Center

St. George’s University School of Medicine


Dr. Steve Garman is a family doctor in Georgetown, SC. He has practiced Medicine for over 30 years.

US News and World Report

Presently, Dr. Garman has been studying particle physics and is working on a project in this area.


Dr. Garman has also been conducting medical mission work in Siberia, Tawain, and most recently, Cuba.

Lance Cleveland

University of Massachusetts

Lance’s tech blog


Computer Science / Applied Mathematics

In the past, Lance spoke as a keynote at the USVI Economic Development Summit, also he was a lead speaker for Microsoft ClickTrade, and a cited expert in the Wall Street Journal on topics such as performance advertising, Internet retail, and cybercrime. He has consulted for world-class companies, including Kimberly Clark, Philip Morris/Kraft, Rich Foods, Telefonica, Data General, Arbitron, and Hewlett-Packard.

One of Lance’s first startup companies was the Time Magazine award winner “The Lobster Net”. The company appeared in Time Magazine twice, was featured on Good Morning America and the CBS Morning Show, and was even responsible for a personal TV appearance on Judge Wapner’s Animal Court. The LobsterNet was notably his first successful planned exit from an operating entity, with a 100% cash sale secured in less than 12 months.

Brian Liotti

Purdue University

Shanghai Jiao Tong University 

Mechanical Engineer / Senior Software Developer and Architect for Boeing.

Managed multiple teams and construction projects centered around Midwest Mole Inc and tunneling underground operations. Built software process reducing department workload by 20 hours a week.

Full stack developer for Code/+/Trust

Boeing -Migrate on-premises applications to Google Cloud. DevOps -designed CI/CD pipelines -Gitlab, Jenkins. Built React apps for BMS.

Bitcoin Core developer and active member of the community.

Marc Bourbeau

Concordia Montreal

Georgia Institute of Technology


Analytical Chemist / Program Manager / 3D Prototype Modeling / Junior Data Scientist

Marc has 17 years of experience as an analytical chemist specializing in small molecule mass spectrometry. Throughout his career, he has been involved in various stages of the small molecule product cycle, ranging from government research and academic CORE to preclinical and FDA drug phases I-IV. Marc also contributed to drug manufacturing quality control, therapeutic drug monitoring, and environmental monitoring, demonstrating his versatility and expertise in diverse fields.

With a strong dedication to scientific research and a relentless pursuit of accurate and reliable results, Marc remains committed to staying at the forefront of analytical chemistry. In line with this commitment, he recently completed an MBA in Project Management, broadening his skill set and expanding my knowledge beyond the realm of analytical chemistry.

Marc is now focusing on developing his proficiency in back-end programming, particularly in languages such as R, Python, and SQL, through the Masters in Analytics program at the Georgia Institute of Technology.


  • PGovernment Consulting
  • DUNS #12-734-1363
  • VOSB -SBA Certified Veteran
  • Air Traffic Control
  • Product Development
  • Artificial Intelligence Applications
  • Research and Development
  • Data Analytics
  • Application Intigrations and Migrations
  • Project Management
  • Project Staffing
  • Procurement
  • PDigital Media and Publishing
  • Website Construction
  • eCommerce Platform Construction
  • Hosting and Maintenance.
  • Graphic Arts and Video Creation
  • Marketing, SEO, and Social Vectors
  • AWS lightsail, S3 buckets, Google Web Tools, Linux, and Hosting.
  • PBusinesses
  • Start-up Assistance
  • Investor Considerations
  • Operator Procurement Program
  • Proforma Spreadsheets
  • Presentations and Pitch Decks
  • Ethics and Philosophy
  • PAd Hoc
  • Philanthropic and Medical Missions
  • Academic Article Review
  • Manuscript Publishing



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