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Intel’s Tunnel Falls Quantum Chip: A Comparative Report 

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Quantum computing has been a rapidly evolving field, with various companies and research institutions developing their own quantum processors, also known as quantum processing units (QPUs). 1

Intel recently announced the release of its newest quantum research chip, Tunnel Falls, a 12-qubit silicon chip. 2

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This article aims to compare Intel’s Tunnel Falls with other quantum processors in the same classification and discuss its potential impact on the quantum computing landscape. 

Quantum processors are difficult to compare due to their different architectures and approaches. Published qubit numbers do not necessarily reflect the performance levels of the processor. Benchmarking metrics such as quantum volume, randomized benchmarking, or circuit layer operations per second (CLOPS) are used to evaluate their performance. 1

  • Some notable quantum processors include IQM’s 5-qubit superconducting processor with 99.91% fidelity for 1 qubit and 99.14% for 2 qubits. 1
  • RIKEN’s 53-qubit effective (64 total) superconducting processor. 1
  • IonQ’s evaporated glass ion trap technology aims to expand to hundreds of qubits on a single chip. 3

Intel’s Tunnel Falls: A Silicon Spin Qubit Approach

Intel’s Tunnel Falls is the company’s most advanced silicon spin qubit chip to date, drawing upon its decades of transistor design and manufacturing expertise. 2

Unlike most of its rivals, Intel makes its qubits from individual electrons housed in computer chips that are cousins to those that power millions of PCs. 4

Intel is Still Behind its Competitors.

Although Intel lags behind rivals like IBM, Google, Quantinuum, and IonQ, the company believes that tying its fortunes to conventional chip technology will enable faster progress. 4

Intel is collaborating with the Laboratory for Physical Sciences (LPS) at the University of Maryland, College Park’s Qubit Collaboratory (LQC), a national-level Quantum Information Sciences (QIS) Research Center, to advance quantum computing research. 2

As part of the Qubits for Computing Foundry (QCF) program through the U.S. Army Research Office, Intel’s new quantum chip will be provided to research laboratories. 2

Scaling Quantum Computing: Chiplet Architectures and Photonic Interconnects

One of the challenges faced by quantum computing chips is scalability. 5

Researchers are exploring chiplet architectures, and photonic interconnects to address this issue. For example, IonQ is developing photonic interconnects to link qubits on different chips, allowing for the expansion of qubits on a single chip. 3

Similarly, a study on scaling superconducting quantum computers with chiplet architectures suggests that this approach could help overcome design challenges and improve processing power. 6

Intel’s Tunnel Falls quantum chip represents a significant step forward in the company’s long-term strategy to build a full-stack commercial quantum computing system. 2


Intel’s Tunnel Falls quantum chip represents a significant step forward in the company’s long-term strategy to build a full-stack commercial quantum computing system. 2

By leveraging its expertise in conventional chip technology and collaborating with research institutions, Intel aims to accelerate the development and adoption of quantum computing. While the company currently lags behind its competitors, its focus on silicon spin qubit technology and efforts to scale quantum computing through chiplet architectures and photonic interconnects could reshape the quantum computing landscape in the future.


Intel Tunnel Falls


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